Have muscle aches and joint pain become regular trouble for you?

Well, Heavenly Garden's pain cream is here to the rescue! Our pain cream is formulated with 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD to ensure that you get all the wonderful benefits of our rich CBD oil upon application. Our CBD topical is enriched with natural ingredients such

as Shea butter, Mango butter, Golden Jojoba oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, plus many

more to enrich your skin with pure organic ingredients, leaving it moisturized and

silky smooth while CBD expertly works its way through your body!


*Contains 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD

*All-natural and organic

*No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers


*Third-party lab tested to ensure safety and potency


Benefits of our Ingredients

Our pain cream contains broad-spectrum CBD oil that has helped numerous

customers counter joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, and has aided in wound


The Shea butter in our cream contains anti-inflammatory and skin healing

properties. Along with Mango Butter and Eucalyptus Essential Oil, it properly

hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth, supple, and fresh. Yellow Beeswax is an

amazing anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory agent. Golden Jojoba Oil, on the other

hand, treats fungal infections and thoroughly moisturizes your skin.


Dosage Guidelines

Lightly wash the affected area before taking a desired amount of the cream and

gently rubbing it onto the bruise, stiff join, or sore muscle. Give the area a massage

to ensure the thorough absorption of the cream. Wash your hands after application

of the product.

Pain Cream 500 MG


    500 MG

    "Was looking for something to help with sleep and was referred to these tinctures.  They work perfect and were an absolute blessing."

    Eric S. 01/27/2020  14:30

    2500 MG

    "This has been my go-to since my local store stopped selling gummies.  The tincture is easy to travel with and even easier to use.  Just place under tongue and euphoria."

    Sarah B. 01/23/2020  07:30

    500 MG

    "I'm a painter and constantly having to crunch and climb.  Heavenly Garden has been my go to after work for the past 3 months.  Love the stuff.  Can't wait for the gummies."

    Jose M. 01/22/2020  02:30



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